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Gait analysis assessments are designed to analyse running and walking technique in order to identify any potential biomechanical issues or inefficiencies that may be contributing to soreness, injury, or alignment issues. Podiatrist Tom is a 2.14 marathon runner with extensive experience analysis different factors such as foot strike, knee alignment, and overall body mechanics. Get your form in order and make 2023 the year that you walk and run as efficiently as possible.


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Running Gait Analysis Sydney Experts

Specialising in running injury prevention and management, Pinnacle Sports Podiatry deliver leading walking and running gait analysis Sydney services.

Pinnacle has its roots in running, senior podiatrist, Tom Do Canto has been running at a high level for over 20 years and understands how frustrating running injuries can be. Committed to getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible, we provide podiatry-driven walking and running gait analysis Sydney offerings within a biomechanical assessment. Every initial consultation at Pinnacle is allocated 60minuites to make sure we have time to listen to your concerns and understand your situation, as well as provide a thorough biomechanical assessment including a gait analysis.

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Running Gait Analysis with Pinnacle

A running gait assessment is an integral component of a biomechanical evaluation. Gait analysis is used to assess the way we walk or run to highlight biomechanical abnormalities or running technique that might be filtering into injury risk. At Pinnacle, we have a treadmill set up and use a video analysis software to help pick up subtle abnormalities and asymmetries in the way you move when walking and running.

A gait analysis is generally performed during an initial consultation after we have had a discussion around your injury concerns and after discussing and identifying potential non-biomechanical and gait-related causes of pain.

How Is Gait Assessment Conducted?

Video gait analysis allows us to closely and thoroughly evaluate the movement and function of the leg and foot when walking and running. We use this data to identify abnormalities that may be contributing to pain, develop a strategy that will improve the efficiency of your gait and create a plan that will lower the risk of any issues from reoccurring in the future.

We use gait analysis Sydney services in conjunction with a variety of tests and assessments to identify possible gait related risk factors for pain or injury. The more information that we can gather from your walking and running movements, the more effectively we can deliver a treatment plan that will have you walking, running and jumping pain-free.

Pinnacle Sports Podiatry Service

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Pinnacle Sports Podiatry are the leading experts in running-related podiatrist Sydney CBD has to offer. With an extensive combined background and experience in the study of biomechanics, the team at Pinnacle regularly conduct comprehensive running gait analysis to support injury management and provide effective treatment for lower limb pain and injury.

If you’re suffering from lower limb injury and are seeking the professional help of running gait analysis Sydney podiatrists, Pinnacle are the experts that you’ve been looking for! As a leading team of practitioners in North Sydney, we’re passionate about treating lower-limb problems and helping patients to participate in physical activity, pain-free. Pinnacle will work with you to improve your foot function and overall biomechanics, one step at a time.


The team at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry are committed to helping patients safely and effectively treat their lower limb issues, while also gaining an understanding of the cause of their pain or injury. Not only do we want to rehabilitate and provide effective recovery, but we also focus on the actions that we can implement to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Our running gait analysis Sydney services aim to identify the elements contributing to pain, with the intentions of reducing the risk of re-injury.

Do Pinnacle Offer General Podiatry Services?

Yes. While we specialise in sports podiatry and treating running-related injury, we also provide general podiatry services for all Sydney patients. Pinnacle offer personalised, comprehensive foot care to treat a wide range of lower limb problems. From ingrown toenail treatments, to orthotic fittings, biomechanical assessment, dry needling, exercise prescription and prolotherapy, Pinnacle cover all facets of sports and general podiatry in Sydney.

How Can I Benefit from A Running Gait Analysis?

You may benefit from Pinnacle’s walking and gait assessment Sydney services or general podiatry services if you are suffering from lower limb injury, discomfort and pain while running or walking. A closer look at your gait while walking or running can expose potential contributing factors for reoccurring injuries, or discomfort and pain. After we’ve gone through your gait analysis, we can then form a comprehensive plan for your unique gait tendencies.

From there, our podiatry services can improve your mobility and independence through means of prevention and treatment of foot problems. Specialising in running-related injuries, Pinnacle’s breadth of service capability extends from sports podiatry to general podiatry. Not only will we provide effective pain relief, treatment and chronic injury management, but we also provide exceptional preventative practices to keep future problems at bay.

Are Pinnacle’s Podiatrists members of the Australian Podiatry Association?

Yes. All of our podiatrists at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry are active members of the Australian Podiatry Association, as well as Sports Medicine Australia and Sports & Exercise Podiatry Australia. At Pinnacle, we aim to provide comprehensive, effective and evidence-based podiatry treatment, in line with the Australian Podiatry Association and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). You can search for Podiatrists accreditation with AHPRA here.

Do I Need A Referral for Running Gait Analysis Sydney?

No – patients do not need a referral to book in with Pinnacle Sports Podiatry. Podiatrists are primary allied health care providers; you can call or book in from our website for a consultation today.

A referral may only be required to qualify for the Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care or EPC) plan.

Pinnacle Sports Podiatry accept all major private health funds – just check with your health fund if you’re not sure if you’re covered for podiatry care.

We can perform in person running gait analysis through or North Sydney or Caringbah Podiatry Clinic.

Can You Advise on Footwear?

Yes. After your running gait analysis, we will go through the appropriate footwear for your unique lower limb concerns. Our qualified and experienced podiatrists are very knowledgeable when it comes to footwear. We can advise you on the right footwear for running, physical activity, work and general day-to-day wear. During a footwear assessment, Pinnacle’s podiatrists can also advise on whether or not your feet would benefit from orthotics.

Can Pinnacle Organise Medical Imaging?

Yes. To help in the diagnosis of your injury podiatrists are able to refer you under Medicare for things such as x-ray and ultrasound. We are also able to refer privately for MRI when indicated. These are not always necessary to diagnose your injury but can be invaluable at times when further investigation is warranted.