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Ingrown Toenail Treatment in Sydney

Pinnacle Sports Podiatry are pleased to offer the least invasive ingrown toenail surgery Sydney has to offer. In cases wherein an ingrown toenail repeatedly falls vulnerable to infection or discomfort, our podiatrists can provide minimally invasive ingrown toenail removal surgery. Providing an effective solution in cases where more conservative ingrown toenail treatment has not been successful, Pinnacle use a technique that has been shown to achieve a permanent resolution of ingrown toenails in up to 98.5% of surgical cases. We partner with our sister clinic Ingrown Toenail Clinics to provide the most pleasant and pain free ingrown toenail surgery Sydney has to offer.

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Fast, Effective Pain Relief

Our toenail removal surgery is a quick, effective way of successfully treating reoccurring or chronic ingrown toenails. Recommended for ingrown, deformed, involuted, curved, wide or flat toenails, patients typically opt for ingrown toenail surgery Sydney procedures when when toenail bracing is not suitable or other conservative care has failed. Undergoing ingrown toenail surgery, our patients have the option of needle-free local anaesthetic before injection.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

Our ingrown toenail surgical procedures are simple, in-clinic and will be performed under local anaesthetic. Most surgeries are completed in around 20 minutes per toe, and immediately after, you’ll be able to walk straight out of the clinic! In most cases, we use a chemical (phenol) to prevent the regrowth of the removed section of the nail.

Several benefits come with choosing Pinnacle for ingrown toenail removal surgery. For starters, we’ll provide a quick, effective and minimally invasive procedure. Patients can choose a needle-free local anaesthetic and enjoy a fast recovery with minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. In addition, there is no need for ongoing appointments to manage your ingrown toenail once successfully removed!

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Pain-Free Ingrown Toenail Removal Surgery

At Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, we practice minimally invasive procedures under local anaesthetic, making the ingrown toenail surgery 100% pain-free. Our pain-free procedures also translate to minimal discomfort in the post-operative phase. A partial nail avulsion (PNA) is relatively straightforward, and we will provide specific post-operative instructions to minimise any discomfort following your toenail surgery. Visit our sister clinic Ingrown Toenail Clinics for information on how we make your procedure as comfortable as possible utilising the comfort-in needle free system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will My Toenail Look Like After?

Once completely healed, your toenail will be slightly narrower than previously. As the majority of your toenail is hidden under the skin, there are very few visible changes to your nail width after ingrown toenail removal surgery. In rare cases, we may perform a total nail aversion, wherein the whole toenail is removed. However, this is only practiced in severe cases of problematic ingrown toenails.

What’s Involved in Ingrown Toenail Removal Surgery?

First, ingrown toenail surgery is typically recommended in cases where more conservative treatment has not been successful. Your podiatrist will start by identifying whether surgery is the right route for you – chronic ingrown toenail conditions are typically most suited to ingrown toenail removal surgery.

Before the procedure, two injections of local anaesthetic are provided at the base of the toe to numb the toe before surgery. At Pinnacle, we offer the comfort-in needle-free system to numb the skin prior to injections. Once the toe is numbed, we’ll begin prepping by placing an elastic ring around the toe’s base to control any bleeding.

From there, surgical clippers are used to make the initial toenail cut that will separate the section of the nail to be removed. This will also determine the new width of the nail; the exact location of the cut will be discussed before the procedure.

A thin-bladed tool will be used to finish the cut. These tools will conclude the nail cutting to the base without the need for any skin incisions. Forceps will then be used to remove the affected section of the nail. The nail base is carefully checked to ensure the matrix has been effectively removed – this is a crucial step in ensuring the ingrown toenail does not reoccur.

Finally, phenol will be used and applied to the nail bed to prevent nail regrowth. This chemical will also minimise post-surgery discomfort and be cleaned with a saline flush. The band will be removed, and our podiatrist will provide a sterile surgical dressing for the site – the toe needs to be redressed until the site has completely healed.

How Long Does the Surgery Take?

All up, ingrown toenail surgery Sydney operations will take around 45 minutes to perform a partial or total nail aversion. If there is more than one toe that requires treatment, the surgery may take longer.

When Is Ingrown Toenail Surgery Preferred Over Toenail Bracing?

Ingrown toenail surgery is preferred when toenail bracing has not provided the desired result or where there is an infection present. Surgery may also be more appropriate for certain types of nails (flat nails), and when you’re after a faster result that will allow you to resume your sporting activities earlier on. Surgery may also be preferred if you want to wear high heels or narrow shoes – something that cannot be done while undergoing bracing.

Who Can Perform Ingrown Toenail Surgery Sydney?

In Australia, your podiatrist, GP or surgeon can perform ingrown toenail surgery.

Our podiatrists have specialised training in the pain-free administration of local anaesthetics, and minimally invasive toenail surgery. If you are suffering from an ingrown toenail, Pinnacle Sports Podiatry have both the skills and experience to give you the best possible ingrown toenail surgery experience.

How Effective Is Ingrown Toenail Removal Surgery?

Ingrown toenail surgery has proven to be extremely effective for our Sydney patients. The Partial Nail Avulsion procedure conducted at Pinnacle has been shown to have a very low rate of nail regrowth of the removed portion of the nail. Generally, there is a 1.5/100 chance of nail regrowth. In the unlikely event of regrowth, revision surgery can provide relief.

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks involved. However, we can confidently say that a Partial Nail Avulsion surgery is associated with a low complication rate and is known to be very safe and effective. If you’d like to learn more about ingrown toenail surgery in Sydney as well as the cost of ingrown toenail surgery, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, or visit our sister clinic at Ingrown Toenail Clinics. We are always happy to answer any of your questions and go through the procedures required for the safe, pain-free and effective removal of an ingrown toenail problem.