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Morton’s Neuroma Treatment Sydney

Forefoot pain, discomfort or altered sensation due to a Morton’s neuroma is very common, and often chronic. A Mortons neuroma involves irritation and thickening of a nerve that runs between the metatarsal bones of the forefoot, and supplies sensation to the toes. Those affected will describe sharp, burning like pain at the forefoot, or numbness in the toes that is exasperated by hard floors and narrow fitting footwear. A Mortons neuroma is the name given to the condition when it affects the nerve running between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals, but nerve thickening (peri-neural fibroma) can affect any inter-metatarsal space at the forefoot.

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Non-Surgical Neuroma Treatment

Our team of Sydney Sports Podiatrists have significant training and experience in non-surgical neuroma treatment. Mortons neuroma treatment is primarily aimed at reducing the mechanical load to the nerve, to allow it to repair and recover over time.

What to expect when you come into the clinic for mortons neuroma treatment:

  • Ample time to express your concerns regarding your forefoot pain and how it’s affecting your life. We ask questions to help confirm the diagnosis and provide individualised Morton’s neuroma treatment.
  • A physical exam to aid in diagnosis and assessment of biomechanical risk factors.
  • Referral for diagnostic ultrasound or MRI if your Podiatrist wants to confirm a Mortons neuroma and assess the size of the neuroma. Often, the size of the neuroma will guide prognosis.
  • Identification of the primary reasons you have developed a mortons neuroma
  • Discussion around all possible neuroma treatment options, and which ones may be more relevant to your specific situation.

Mortons Neuroma treatment can involve:

  • Footwear advice and modification
  • Strapping and padding
  • Custom orthotics or medical grade prefabricated orthotics
  • Injection therapies
  • Exercise therapies
  • Surgical referral

Mortons neuroma treatment for chronic symptoms (>3months) often needs multiple treatment strategies implemented to get a favourable outcome. When footwear advice alone is not enough to reduce the mechanical load and symptoms, foot orthotics play an important role to reduce plantar pressure and address any pathomechanics (foot movement/function that increases load on the nerve).

If you are wishing to get an accurate diagnosis and tailored Mortons neuroma treatment advice, you can search appointment availability and book online here.