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Shin Splints Sydney Treatment

Shin splints is a very common and exceedingly frustrating injury for many active people; shin splints is a generic term that encompasses multiple diagnoses around the lower leg. The most common type of shin splints is the type that produces pain along the inner shin region at the junction of the calf muscle and shin bone (Tibia); this type of shin splints is most accurately referred to as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS). Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is generally only brought on by sporting populations where running or jumping is involved.

For ease of description, we’ll continue to refer to Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome as Shin Splints.

Shin Splints Sydney Treatment

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Shin Splints & Distance Running

One of the worst things for shin splints is increasing the amount of running volume or intensity too quickly, especially intensity. Higher intensity running involves running at a faster pace; this often comes in the form of interval training or fartlek. The most common time I will see a runner coming in with shin splints is after they have introduced interval training into their program.

As we run faster, we move up onto the ball of the foot and we use the calf muscles more to absorb and produce force. The consequence is that the muscles and the fascial lining of those muscles may be pulling on the adjacent shin bone (tibia) to the point of overload.

Treating Shin Splints with Pinnacle

Shin Splints treatment revolves heavily around load management and providing a clear pathway for progressive overload so the muscle, fascia and bone can gradually adapt rather than being in a constant state of overload, or cycles of rest then overload and relapse.

Second to load management, we need to make sure the muscles of the lower leg are sufficiently robust enough to handle the demands of sport. We may implement a strengthening program as part of shin splint treatment.

An important step in assessing someone with shin splints is addressing any foot function contributors. Shin splint treatment for someone with a highly pronated foot function may include footwear advice and foot orthotics to de-load the area while running.

Orthotics for shin splints can be a very useful tool, most can feel an immediate reduction in symptoms. After a biomechanical assessment (link) we will advice how likely you are to benefit from orthotics and the options; prefabricated or custom, and associated costs (link to fees page).

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