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General & Sports Orthotics Sydney

Looking for the highest quality orthotics Sydney has to offer? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, we make custom foot orthotics Sydneysiders can trust to alleviate their problems and provide relief to painful foot injuries. Our expert podiatrists pride themselves on providing high-quality, good-value, custom foot orthotics.

Pinnacle can help you design and create the highest quality custom foot orthotics in Sydney. Our custom foot orthotics are designed to correct biomechanical foot issues to do with how you walk, stand, or run. Commonly prescribed to treat and provide relief from plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis, we create custom foot orthotic insoles tailored to the requirements of your feet and your concern.

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Your Sports Orthotics Sydney Experts

Custom orthotic insoles are medical-grade shoe inserts that are designed and created specifically for one’s individual injury history and biomechanical requirements. Pinnacle Sports Podiatry rely on one of Australia’s most reputable orthotic labs to design and manufacture high-quality, innovative, and reliable foot orthotics.

Working with Pinnacle Sports Podiatry means engaging with orthotic experts. Coming into our clinic, you’ll be assessed before we provide specialist orthotic fittings for your preferred footwear. We provide custom orthotics and custom orthotic insoles that have been designed, manufactured, and fitted to your specific feet issues and desired footwear. Tailor designed and manufactured, our orthotic fittings are specifically created to provide a solution to your individual concern.

What Are Foot Orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe insoles custom designed and manufactured to provide support or correct the posture of a foot. At Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, many of the foot and ankle injuries and problems that see at our clinic occur as the result of abnormal or misaligned lower limb mechanics.  These abnormalities can have a large impact on the feet, legs, pelvis, and spine if left untreated.

Research into foot mechanics has shown that orthotic therapy has the capacity to relieve pain, provide foot support and help to realign foot and lower limb abnormalities. While orthotics Sydney services may not be for everyone and are not necessarily the solution for all of our patients, we do often find that custom-made insoles can provide exceptional relief for many injuries, pain, and lower limb concerns.

Pinnacle Sports Podiatry Service

What Are Orthotics Used For?

Foot orthotics in Sydney are designed to allow better transfer of stress through the foot and ankle, for optimal function, mobility and pain relief. Our leading Sydney sports podiatrists use a 3D digital scanner to obtain an accurate vision of your foot, which is then paired with a customised orthotic prescription, based on your analysis. At Pinnacle, we specialise in providing sports orthotics Sydney insoles to those who have suffered from new, reoccurring and existing foot and sports injuries.

Our custom foot orthotics Sydney services can help with a variety of problems. The orthotics may help with foot pain, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, lower back pain, heel pain, and sports injuries. Unlike shoe inserts that can be bought over the counter, customised foot orthotics are uniquely designed to meet the necessary requirements of your foot structure.


What Are the Different Types of Foot Orthotics Offered by Pinnacle?

Here at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, we custom design foot orthotics and shoe inserts to meet the unique needs of each of the patients that we work with. The types of sports orthotics that we offer include:

  • Custom foot orthotics
  • Rigid orthotics
  • Soft orthotics
  • Carbon orthotics
  • Custom orthotics for cyclists
  • Running orthotics

Why Do I Need An Orthotics Sydney Fitting?

Traditionally, custom foot orthotics have been manufactured from form-moulded plastic (polypropylene) or milled plastic/foam. Today, we rely on advanced 3D printed foot orthotics which are far more superior. Our 3D printed orthotics are designed to meet the unique requirements of your feet, are lighter, environmentally friendly, longer lasting and have a faster rebound ratee than polypropylene.

What Are Cycling Specific Carbon Orthotics?

Cycling specific carbon orthotics are customised insoles designed to improve the comfort of feet while riding. The carbon fibre insoles are evidence-based designs that provide maximised performance and comfort for cycling specific shoes. Our custom-designed cycling specific orthotics aim to prevent cycling overuse injuries and increase output power while cycling.

We offer custom made orthotics Sydney cyclists love. Pinnacle Sports Podiatry have extensive expertise in creating custom made orthotics Sydney for cycling shoes and cycling specific carbon orthotics in Sydney. Working to provide cyclists with a stable platform within their shoe, our custom orthotics for cycling shoes provide maximum power transfer to the pedal interface; enhancing rider performance and comfort.

The Benefits of Custom Made Orthotics for Cycling Shoes

Our custom orthotics for cycling shoes are specialised carbon insoles that are created specifically for cycling shoes. The Pinnacle tailored approach to customised cycling orthotics offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased power
  • Relief of plantar fascial tension
  • Enhanced foot comfort
  • Support of all three arches of the foot
  • Force Distribution
  • Alleviate forefoot pain, burning and numbness
  • Helps with crank rub and knee positioning
  • Maximises overall cycling performance

The custom design of each set of orthotics also means that the insoles are aligned with the exact characteristics of each foot and will match the cycling shoes to increase overall contact area and enhance stability. The biomechanics of cycling varies enormously to running and general walking; requiring the need for vastly unique orthotic inserts for cycling shoes.

How Can I Benefit from Custom Made Orthotics Sydney Services?

You may benefit from customised orthotics if you are suffering from lower limb injury, discomfort and pain. Our customised foot orthotics and insoles are typically prescribed to treat and provide relief from plantar fasciitis, bursitis and arthritis. Sports orthotics can alleviate lower limb pain, provide alignment treatment and allow you to get back on your feet and back to the sports that you love.

The Pinnacle Sports Podiatry services can improve your mobility and independence through means of prevention and treatment of foot problems with orthotic fittings. Specialising in running-related injuries, Pinnacle’s breadth of service capability extends from orthotic fittings and sports podiatry to general podiatry. Not only will we provide effective pain relief, treatment and chronic injury management, but we also provide exceptional preventative practices to keep future problems at bay.

Do I Need A Referral for Custom Foot Orthotics?

No – patients do not need a referral to book in with Pinnacle Sports Podiatry and be fitted with customised foot orthotics. Podiatrists are primary allied health care providers; you can call or book in from our website for a consultation today for your orthotic fittings.

A referral may only be required to qualify for the Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care or EPC) plan.

Pinnacle Sports Podiatry accept all major private health funds – just check with your health fund if you’re not sure if you’re covered for podiatry care.

What Footwear Should I Wear with Orthotics?

At Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, our expert podiatrists will provide leading footwear advice before, during and after you are fitted with custom orthotic insoles. Our qualified and experienced podiatrists are very knowledgeable when it comes to footwear. We can advise you on the right footwear for running, physical activity, work and general day-to-day wear. When you’re being fitted with customised foot orthotics, we’ll make sure you’ve got the right footwear to ensure maximum comfort and support.

Are Pinnacle’s Podiatrists members of the Australian Podiatry Association?

Yes. All of our podiatrists at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry are active members of the Australian Podiatry Association, as well as Sports Medicine Australia and Sports & Exercise Podiatry Australia. At Pinnacle, we endeavour to deliver comprehensive, effective and evidence-based podiatry treatment, in line with the Australian Podiatry Association and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). You can find our Podiatrist’s accreditation with AHPRA here.

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