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Looking for the most trusted podiatrist Sydney has to offer? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, we understand the challenges of foot and lower leg injuries. Our podiatry services deliver solution-based treatments to help you to get back onto your feet, faster.

Comprising an expert team of podiatrists, the leading Pinnacle Sports Podiatry team offer sports injury and general podiatry to those in the Greater Sydney Region. Our treatment offerings cover everything from heel pain to plantar fasciitis treatment, ingrown toenail treatment and surgery. Pinnacle Sports Podiatry are the experts when it comes to the assessment, diagnosis and management of foot, ankle and lower leg injuries.

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Here at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, we offer an exceptional level of care to all patients within our clinic. We achieve such a standard by allocating a dedicated hour to each initial assessment, providing our expert podiatrists with the opportunity to carefully listen, understand and diagnose each unique injury or concern. For us, it’s important that we build a holistic foundation of each patient’s concerns before rushing into a treatment plan – we endeavour to first fully understand the many factors that may be causing you pain.

Whether you’re suffering from a sports injury or a lower limb concern, your podiatrist will take the time to explain your injury, the contributing factors, and provide a solution-based treatment plan. At Pinnacle Sports Podiatrist North Sydney, our treatment plans are designed to provide lasting solutions to your problems.


Thomas and Phillipa have been working together for more than a decade. Learning and growing as foot care professionals to provide unrivalled attention to detail and a commitment to getting you back on your feet – faster and stronger than before.

Thomas Do Canto
Thomas Do CantoSenior Podiatrist (B.ExSc, B.Pod)
Combining a successful distance running career and a passion for injury management and prevention, Thomas opened this podiatry clinic with a core focus: to continue helping others to get active and stay active. A member of Sports Medicine Australia, the Australasian Academy of Podiatry Association and the Australian Podiatry Association, Thomas carries a household name in the Podiatry community, where he is best known for his in-depth understanding of lower limb physiology and competitive distance running.
Phillipa Ignacz
Phillipa IgnaczSenior Podiatrist (B.ExSc, B.Pod)
Phillipa is a highly qualified Podiatrist, boasting extensive experience and passion for sports injury management. A member of Sports Medicine Australia and the Australasian Podiatric Association, Phillipa completed her Bachelor of Exercise Science and Bachelor of Podiatry in Sydney. A local member of the Balmain Touch Football Association and Greenwich Sports Club, Phillipa is a running enthusiast with a deep passion for footwear and its ability to impact performance, gait, and injury.

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We are experts in the assessment, diagnosis and management of foot, ankle and lower limb injuries. Book your appointment with Sydney’s most trusted Sports Podiatry service today.


Pinnacle Sports Podiatry are based in North Sydney, where we have built a solid reputation for successfully treating and managing a wide range of sports, running, and general foot and lower leg injuries. Delivering both general podiatry and sports podiatry care, each of the patients that come into the Pinnacle’s Podiatry clinic in Sydney are provided with a comprehensive, personalised, and tailored management plan.

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What Separates Pinnacle From Other Podiatry Clinics in Sydney?

Pinnacle Sports Podiatry offers the leading team of sports podiatrists in Sydney. Combining sports medical industry knowledge with real-world running and sports related injury experience, Pinnacle’s team offer an unparalleled level of understanding of foot and lower leg physiology. The Pinnacle team comprises capable podiatrists who are specifically trained and experienced in the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of lower leg sports injuries. We’re here to provide smart, safe, and effective solutions for your sports podiatrist treatment. What’s more, we’re dedicated to finding a comprehensive treatment plan that includes strategising the prevention of injury reoccurrence.

Our sports podiatrist treatment services specifically address injuries to the foot, ankle and lower leg that have been sustained through participation in physical activity. As running and fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how easy it is to injure your lower legs and feet while playing sport. During high-impact physical activity, the natural forces between your feet and the ground are amplified. Without careful consideration of comprehensive injury treatment and prevention, painful and hindering sports injuries are inevitable.

Luckily for you, Pinnacle Sports Podiatry are here to help. We have the training, experience and know-how to effectively manage and treat all lower limb sports injuries. Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or just an avid Park Run attendee, we’re here to provide exceptional, reliable and comprehensive sports podiatrist Sydney treatment to everyone. Injuries to your legs and feet can be incredibly frustrating – it’s important to rely on a team of qualified professionals like Pinnacle’s podiatrist team to successfully rehabilitate sports injuries to avoid further problems down the line. Whether it be heel pain, foot problems or ingrown toenails, our podiatry team will work one-on-one with you to get you back on your feet, moving better than ever.

What Conditions Do You Treat?

We deliver both sports and general podiatry care for a wide range of concerns in Sydney. The primary conditions that we see and treat include:

  • Metatarsalgia
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Bunions
  • Shin Splints
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Mortons Neuroma Foot
  • Plantar Warts
  • Heel Pain
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome
  • ITB Syndrome
  • Anterior Tibial Compartment
  • Osgood Schlatter
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Plantar Fasciiitis
  • Corns & Calluses

Why Would I Need to See A Sports Podiatrist in Sydney?

Searching for Podiatrist Near Me can bring up hundreds of different results, so why choose pinnacle? Our sports podiatrists deal directly with sports injuries, caused by physical activity. There can be many contributing factors for the development of a sports injury. Sports podiatrists manage the pain, treatment and prevention of foot and lower leg sports injuries and concerns. Whether it be heel pain or other foot problems associated with sport, a podiatrist will get you back on track. Depending on the physical activity you’re undertaking, a sports injury is typically caused by:

  • Training load errors – not getting the balance between exercise and recovery right. This is also known as ‘too much too soon’.
  • Not recovering properly due to work, family commitments, diet, stress etc.
  • Not warming up properly before exercising or playing sport
  • Using poor or inadequate equipment (running shoes, gym equipment etc.)
  • Poor technique
  • Structural or biomechanical abnormalities
  • Hormonal status

What Are the Different Types of Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries may be acute or chronic. An acute sports injury occurs as a result of a sudden impact or an awkward movement. Acute sports injuries include muscle tears, sprained ankles and sudden trauma to the tissue. The symptoms of an acute sports injury will present almost immediately (swelling, inflammation, bruising).

Chronic sports injuries come to fruition as a result of repeated overuse in the form of microtrauma and resultant pain, which is often insidious in onset. Chronic injuries develop over time, from repetitive load and stress to our musculoskeletal system, without adequate time to recover and rebuild between exercise bouts. Chronic injuries are common in sports like long-distance running, swimming and cycling. In fact, distance running is one of the most injury prone activities you can do if you look at the injury rates (up to 80% of runners sustain an injury over a 12 month period). Chronic sports injuries will often not improve with rest alone and do best with a plan in place to identify all the causative factors and so they can be specifically addressed in management. Common chronic sports injuries we see include Achilles tendonitis, stress fractures and shin splints.

Whether you’re dealing with acute or chronic sports injuries, our passionate team of Sydney Sports Podiatrists are committed to providing a comprehensive treatment plan and getting you back on your feet. Starting with a thorough chat about your concerns (why you’ve come to see us) and an extensive assessment of your injury, we are able to best tailor an individual plan. As your go-to sports podiatrist team, we look forward to helping you get back on your feet and back to the sport or physical activity you want to be doing!

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