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Let’s face facts, your feet deserve better. Whether you’re on your feet all day, or you’re looking to get the best out of yourself on the sports field or running track – we’re here to help. At Pinnacle Sports Podiatry Sydney, our team are committed to delivering world class podiatric sports medicine. Come and visit us in our Surry Hills podiatry clinic, or book a telehealth appointment today and let’s make 2023 your most active year yet.


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 Pinnacle Sports Sydney Podiatry are experts in lower limb musculoskeletal pain and running-related injury

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Looking for the most trusted podiatrist Sydney CBD has to offer? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry we understand the challenges of foot and lower leg injuries. Our broad scope of Sydney podiatry services are tailored to help you get back on your feet, faster. Our purpose built Surry Hills podiatry clinic is in the heart of Sydney, just 200m from Central station Chalmers street exit, and Central Chalmers tram stop.

Comprising an experienced team of podiatrists, the Pinnacle Sports Podiatry team offer sports podiatry and general podiatry to those locally, and in the Greater Sydney Region. Our treatment offerings cover all foot and ankle injuries, from shin pain to plantar fasciitis treatment, conservative ingrown toenail treatment and nail surgery. Think of Pinnacle as your local foot, ankle and lower limb injury experts.

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Total Health, From the Feet Up

Here at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry Sydney, we offer an exceptional level of care to all patients within our clinic. We achieve such a standard by allocating a dedicated hour to each initial assessment, providing our podiatrists with the opportunity to carefully listen, understand and diagnose each unique injury or concern. For us, it’s important that we build a holistic foundation of each patient’s concerns before rushing into a treatment plan for foot and ankle injuries – we endeavour to first fully understand the many factors that may be causing you pain.

Whether you’re suffering from a sports injury like plantar fasciitis or any lower limb concern, your podiatrist will take the time to explain your injury, the contributing factors, and provide a solution-based treatment plan. At Pinnacle Sports Podiatrist Sydney, our treatment plans are designed to provide lasting solutions to your problems.

Meet our Sydney Podiatrists

Thomas and Adrian have a passion for helping people get back to the sport or activities they enjoy most. Learning and growing as foot care professionals to provide unrivalled attention to detail and a commitment to getting you back on your feet – faster and stronger than before.

Thomas Do Canto
Thomas Do CantoSenior Podiatrist (B.Exercise Science, B.Podiatry)
Combining a successful distance running career and a passion for injury management and prevention, Tom opened Pinnacle Sports Podiatry with a core focus; to continue helping others to get active and stay active. Being a board member of Sports & Exercise Podiatry Australia (SEPA), consultant podiatrist to the Sydney Swans (AFL/AFLW), NSW Swifts (Netball), and podiatrist to many of Australia’s best distance runners, Tom carries a household name in the Podiatry community, where he is best known for his in-depth understanding of lower limb biomechanics, footwear and running related injury.
Adrian Vermeulen Minkwit
Adrian Vermeulen MinkwitSenior Podiatrist (B.Applied Science H.I.M, B.Podiatry)
If you want to see a podiatrist that is genuinely caring and up to date with the latest in evidence based sports medicine, then Adrian is your man. With over 10 years of clinical experience, he knows how to communicate effectively and apply theory into practice. In recent years Adrian has transitioned to more musculoskeletal centric clientele, focusing on podiatric sports medicine, musculoskeletal injuries, rehabilitation and orthotic therapy. Having worked for 5 years in the technical sports footwear industry, he also has a keen interest in shoe manufacture and design. Adrian gets great satisfaction playing an integral role returning an individual to a sport or activity that they are extremely passionate about.

Sydney Podiatrists Unlocking Mobility

At Pinnacle Sports Podiatry Sydney, we are firm believers that your mobility starts from the ground up. The feet and lower limbs are the foundation of the body and are responsible for bearing our full body weight as we walk, run, and move through everyday life.

When your feet and lower limbs are not healthy, they can unlock a pandoras box of pain and discomfort that can impact overall mobility. Common feet and lower limb injuries such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, hammer toe, bunions, ingrown toenails, and heel spurs can inhibit our ability to walk or run for long periods of time.

Taking care of your feet is essential for maintaining overall mobility and quality of life. For us, this means treating issues at their root, often advising on correct strengthening exercises, and proper footwear and support that keep your feet in check.

Sydney Podiatrists Unlocking Mobility

Our Podiatry Services in Sydney

We are experts in the assessment, diagnosis and management of foot, ankle and lower limb injuries. Book your appointment with Sydney’s most trusted Sports Podiatric service today.

Pinnacle Sports Podiatry Story

Pinnacle Sports Podiatry based in Surry Hills where we have built a solid reputation for successfully treating and managing a wide range of sports, running, and general foot pain and lower limb and leg injuries. Delivering both general podiatry and sports podiatry care, each of the patients that come into the Pinnacle’s Podiatry clinic in the Sydney CBD are provided with a comprehensive, personalised, and tailored management plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Separates Pinnacle From Every Other Podiatrist in Sydney?

Pinnacle Sports Podiatry offers the leading team of sports podiatrists in Sydney. Combining sports medicine industry knowledge with real-world running and sports related injury experience, Pinnacle’s team offer an unparalleled level of understanding of foot health and lower limb biomechanics. The Pinnacle team comprises capable experienced podiatrists who are specifically trained with extensive experienced in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of lower leg sporting injuries. We’re here to provide smart, safe, and effective solutions for your sports podiatrist treatment. What’s more, your professional podiatrist will be dedicated to finding a comprehensive treatment plan that includes strategising the prevention of injury reoccurrence.

Importantly, when you come to Pinnacle you won’t feel rushed into any treatment without fully understanding why we might be recommending it for you. We don’t provide cookie cutter treatment plans here at Pinnacle, you can expect an individualised assessment and treatment plan that is tailored to your needs; another reason why we need 60mins for an initial appointment! Your podiatrist will outline a number of treatment pathways you can take and the associated benefits, risks and costs.

Our sports podiatrist treatment services specifically address injuries to the foot, ankle, and lower limb that have been sustained through participation in physical activity, whether that be from sport, exercise or occupational. As running and sports enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how easy it is to sustain an injury while exercising or playing sport.

Luckily for you, Pinnacle are here to help. We have the training, experience, and know-how to effectively manage and treat all foot problems and lower limb sports injuries, including foot and ankle pain, arch pain, forefoot pain, lower leg pain and even knee pain and hip pain. Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or an avid parkrunner, you can count on our podiatric sports medicine services for exceptional, reliable, and comprehensive sports podiatrist Sydney treatment. Foot, ankle and lower limb injuries can be incredibly frustrating and limiting – you can rely on a team of qualified professionals like Pinnacle’s podiatrist team to successfully rehabilitate you back to your best. Whether it be heel pain, foot pain, or ingrown toenails, our podiatry team will work one-on-one with you to get you back on your feet, moving better than ever.

Do You Offer Bulk Billed Podiatry Services?

Short answer, in most cases your visit will not be covered by Medicare.

Long story short – it depends. Your appointment may be partially or fully covered by the Medicare rebate for some eligible treatments. In order to qualify for the Medicare rebate, you must fulfil a specific set of criteria and receive approval from your local GP. Based on an initial assessment from your GP, your visit may be eligible for bulk billing under Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Do I Need a Referral From My GP to See a Podiatrist?

No, you do not need a referral from your GP to see a podiatrist in New South Wales.

Do You Treat Children?

Yes, our podiatrists provide children’s podiatry services for foot and ankle problems. Children’s feet are (of course) still developing, so it’s important that we do our best to prevent any long-term issues such as heel pain, plantar pain, or toe deformities.

Why is Foot Health Important?

As podiatrists, we know that foot health is critical for overall health and wellbeing. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies and support us when we stand, walk, and run. Additionally, foot health can impact our overall mobility and quality of life – so it’s important that we look after them.

Most importantly, we know that improper foot care can unlock a pandoras box of problems with other parts of our bodies including lower limbs, back, and knees.

Do You Treat Ingrown Toenails?

Yes, in fact our head podiatrist Tom is a little bit obsessed with them. So much so that we have a specialty website dedicated to treating ingrown toenails through Nail Bracing, Nail Surgery, and Pain Free treatment procedures.

At Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, we offer a range of surgical and non-surgical options that are catered towards your unique circumstances. In some cases, you may require a local anaesthetic to ensure the best treatment for ingrown toenails. Whether you have ongoing fungal nail infection or ingrown nails, we aim to provide immediate and permanent ingrown toenail pain relief using a range of contemporary, evidence-based treatment methods.

Will I Need Orthotics?

Not necessarily. In our reckoning, custom foot orthotics are over-prescribed by podiatrists as a “fix-all” solution for foot and lower limb issues. At Pinnacle, we know that custom made orthotics can be a valuable tool in addressing chronic foot and lower limb issues, however, our first course of action is always to identify the root cause of your issue and finding the most effective and conservative treatment method.

Before we prescribe custom orthotics, we will make every effort to resolve your foot and lower limb issues. Depending on the nature of your injury, this may involve stretching, strengthening exercises, and recommending changes to your footwear.

Should I See a Podiatrist Regularly?

Prevention is always better than a cure, which is why many of our happy clients are long term patients that receive ongoing care. If you have had any foot pain or other problems associated with your feet or lower limbs, then it’s a good idea to have regular check-ins with your local podiatrist.

What Conditions Do You Treat?

We deliver both sports and general podiatry care for a wide range of concerns in Sydney. If you’re experiencing ongoing foot problems, you’re going to benefit from the extensive experience and knowledge of an experienced podiatrist. Just over the bridge from Sydney CBD, we see patients that are avid sports-people, those in their later years, and office workers facing ongoing foot pain or a foot problems that inhibits them from getting on with their daily routines. The primary conditions that we see and treat from our clinic include:

Turn to the experts in solving foot problems – Pinnacle. Our experience, passion, and extensive knowledge in lower limb biomechanics has seen our team manage, treat, and work with thousands of happy patients. If you’re looking for the best podiatrists in Sydney, book in with Pinnacle Sports Podiatry today.

What Can I Do to Prevent Foot and Ankle Problems?

Prevention is always better than a cure, and there are a few important steps that we recommend that everyone takes so that they can spend less time in our office and more time running, walking, and moving through everyday life as comfortably as possible.

Wear shoes that fit properly and are fit for purpose – if you’re running, you’ll need a good pair of shoes that have been fitted. If you think you may have been running in the wrong shoes or incorrectly fitted, our team can perform a comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis, before providing footwear advice and fitment recommendations.

Trim your toenails regularly – picking your toenails is probably on your significant other’s list of pet peeves, and it’s on ours as well! Trimming toenails can help to prevent a myriad of infection and ingrown toenail issues that can cost you time, effort, and money to rectify.

Avoid going barefoot on hard surfaces – we get it, the barefoot craze was big. Vibram’s may have their place in certain activities but running or walking on hard surfaces is not one of them. The debate that we have evolved into shoes, and they are unnecessary usually fails to address the fact that we now walk and run over hard surfaces – something our ancestors didn’t need to worry about. Yes, there are some vocal proponents of barefoot running, and we are not dismissing it completely, however, if you’re running on hard surfaces – please us appropriate equipment.

Regularly stretch your feet and ankles – just like your calves, hamstrings, and lower back – your feet and ankles can benefit from regular stretching. Activation exercises, strengthening, and regular stretching can all help to mitigate your changes of injury.

Be kind to your feet – high heels and tight-fitting shoes for an extended period of time can wreak havoc on your feet. and cause heel pain If you plan to wear either one, it’s a good idea to schedule in some sitting throughout the day to mitigate pressure on your ankles and feet. Take breaks and rest your feet if you are standing of walking for long period.

Why Would I Need to See A Sports Podiatrist in Sydney?

Searching for Podiatrist Near Me can bring up hundreds of different results, so why choose Pinnacle? Our Sydney podiatry team deal directly with sports injuries, caused by physical activity. There can be many contributing factors for the development of a sports injury. Sports podiatrists manage the pain, treatment and prevention of foot and lower leg sports injuries and concerns. Whether it be heel pain, plantar warts, forefoot pain, or any other foot problem associated with sport, an experienced podiatrist in Sydney will get you back on track. Depending on the physical activity you’re undertaking, a sports injury is typically caused by:

  • Training load errors – not getting the balance between exercise and recovery right. This is also known as ‘too much too soon’!
  • Poor recovery and heightened tissue sensitivity due to work, family commitments, diet, stress, poor/reduced sleep hours etc.
  • Inadequate equipment (running shoes, gym equipment etc.)
  • Poor technique
  • Structural or biomechanical abnormalities
  • Hormonal status

What Are the Different Types of Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries may be acute or chronic. An acute sports injury occurs as a result of a sudden impact or an awkward movement. Acute sports injuries include muscle tears, sprained ankles and sudden trauma to the tissue. The symptoms of an acute sports injury will present almost immediately (swelling, inflammation, bruising).

Chronic sports injuries come to fruition as a result of repeated overuse in the form of micro-trauma and resultant pain, which is often insidious in onset. Chronic injuries develop over time, from repetitive load and stress to our musculoskeletal system, without adequate time to recover and rebuild between exercise bouts. Chronic injuries are common in sports like long-distance running, swimming and cycling. In fact, distance running is one of the most injury-prone activities you can do if you look at the injury rates reported in the literature (up to 80% of runners sustain an injury over a 12 month period). Chronic sports injuries will often not improve with rest alone and do best with a plan in place to identify all the causative factors, so they can be specifically addressed in management. Common chronic sports injuries we see include Achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, and shin splints.

Whether you’re dealing with acute or chronic sports injuries, our passionate team of Sydney Sports Podiatrists are committed to providing a comprehensive treatment plan and getting you back on your feet, faster. Starting with a thorough chat about your concerns (why you’ve come to see us) and an extensive assessment of your injury, we are able to best tailor an individual plan. As your go-to Sydney podiatry team, we look forward to helping you get back on your feet and back to the sport or physical activity you want to be doing!