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Pinnacle Sports Podiatry Comprises Sydney’s Leading Team of Sports Podiatrists.

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Pinnacle Sports Podiatry is a leading podiatrist clinic based in North Sydney. Established in 2013, Pinnacle Sports Podiatry was opened by Senior Podiatrist Thomas Do Canto, to cater for the growing demand for high-quality sports podiatry services in the Lower North Shore. Comprising a team of expert, passionate sports podiatrists in Sydney, Pinnacle is built on the foundation of supporting others to get active, and to stay active.

The Pinnacle team are qualified, friendly, and expert podiatrists who are passionate about providing exceptional injury management, treatment, and prevention. With a wealth of experience in providing sport and running-related injury treatment, you can rest assured that when you visit Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, you’re in safe hands.

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Thomas and Phillipa have been working together for more than a decade. Learning and growing as foot care professionals to provide unrivalled attention to detail and a commitment to getting you back on your feet – faster and stronger than before.

Thomas Do Canto
Thomas Do CantoSenior Podiatrist (B.ExSc, B.Pod)
My interest in podiatry began as a teenager when I was first referred to a podiatrist by my sports doctor. I had developed my first running injury – a stress fracture in my foot – and my podiatrist recommended custom foot orthotics to help prevent reoccurrence. My first experience was extremely positive and sparked my interest and passion in sports medicine and podiatry.

I began tertiary studies with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science at Australian Catholic University, followed by a Bachelor of Podiatry at The University of Newcastle.

I’m passionate about continued learning and actively seek out the best evidence-based treatments for my patients. I’ve joined professional associations aligned with my areas of interest as well as postgraduate training that enables me a wider scope of assessment techniques and treatment options in Sydney.

I’m currently on the board of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine as Director for NSW & ACT. In this role I coordinate delivery of professional education for our members.

As a competitive distance runner myself, I know all too well the frustration felt when you’re not able to participate in the sport you love, due to injury. I look forward to helping you reach your running goals, fitness aspirations, and pain-free participation in your chosen sport.

Some running highlights for me so far include:

72nd IAAF World Half Marathon Champs (64:18) 2018
19th Fukuoka International Marathon (2:14:59) 2017
1st Sixfoot Track Marathon 2016
1st Melbourne marathon 2016
2nd Sydney City to Surf 2016 & 2017
3rd Australian Road Running Championships (Sydney:10) 2014
3rd Australian Cross Country Championships 2014


Bachelor of Exercise Science (Australian Catholic University)
Bachelor of Podiatry (The University of Newcastle)

Association Memberships:

Sports Medicine Australia
Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
Australian Podiatry Association

Phillipa Ignacz
Phillipa IgnaczSenior Podiatrist (B.ExSc, B.Pod)
I was first introduced to podiatry at the early age of 9, when I was experiencing chronic knee pain and my parents took me to a podiatrist. I was very active growing up, enthusiastic about running and sport. Taking part in hours of activity every day, the knee pain affected me enormously. The implementation of a custom orthotic device relieved my symptoms immediately, and I have since continued with the knowledge that “correct” foot mechanics play a huge part in reducing stress to the body as a whole, as well as improving quality of life through continued physical activity.

My participation (and coaching/management) in athletics, touch football, Oz Tag, Soccer and Rugby Union over the last 30 years has broadened my knowledge with a deep understanding of exercise, training, competition, injury /management (and psychology), not only for myself, but a broad range of levels of athletes.

With 25 completions of the Sun Herald City to Surf, and a lot of experience with running shoes myself, I developed a deep passion and understanding of footwear and its ability to effect performance, gait and injury occurrence/management. This interest in running-shoes led me to work at a technical running-shoe store in Sydney. This is where I continued to enhance my knowledge and become quite an expert in finding the correct footwear for runners of all types, according to their running gait, injury history and training patterns. Eight years of experience in the running-shoe fitting game, has provided me with an advantage in my treatment of patients, with an ability to recommend specific brands and models of running shoes to suit their individual needs.


Bachelor of Exercise Science (Australian Catholic University)
Bachelor of Podiatry (The University of Newcastle)

Association Memberships:

Sports Medicine Australia
Australasian Podiatric Association

Sports Clubs:

Balmain Touch Football Association
Greenwich Sports Club


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