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Metatarsalgia Treatment Sydney

Metatarsalgia may sound like a serious diagnosis, but it’s essentially just a medical description for forefoot pain. In fact, Metatarsalgia is an umbrella term used for any pathology of the forefoot. Metatarsalgia can arise from overloading various structures in the foot; the key is identifying the specific tissues involved to come up with a more accurate diagnosis, and a more tailored metatarsalgia treatment plan. For example; the management for a metatarsal stress fracture will be very different from an inter-metatarsal bursitis.

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Common diagnoses that are often labelled “metatarsalgia” include;

  • Morton’s Neuroma (Link)
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Plantar Plate Tears
  • Capsulitis
  • Fat Pad Inflammation
  • Inter-Metatarsal Bursitis
  • Metatarsal Stress Fracture

Depending on the diagnosis, management may vary considerably. If your forefoot pain is not improving, it’s important to get assessed by your Podiatrist and given an accurate diagnosis rather than following generic metatarsalgia treatment plans.

Treating Metatarsalgia with Pinnacle

Metatarsalgia treatment often involves;

  • Footwear advice and modification
  • Strapping, padding and metatarsal domes
  • Custom foot orthotics or modified prefabricated orthotics
  • Injection therapies such as cortisone, local anaesthetic and saline
  • Dry needling
  • Activity modification

Metatarsalgia treatment doesn’t need to be overly complicated or onerous in terms of time commitment to rehab. The mainstay of treatment is offloading the area to allow healing to occur, then gradually re-introducing activities that were previously painful. An important part of metatarsalgia treatment is identifying all the contributing factors that led to the injury and making sure that steps are put in place to prevent a recurrence.

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