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Looking for the most trusted bunion treatment Sydney has to offer? At Pinnacle Sydney Sports Podiatry, we provide effective non-surgical bunion treatment and relief, so you can get back to running, jumping and moving pain-free. Our podiatrists will assess the joint to determine the cause of your bunion pain, providing both short-term solutions for pain relief and long-term solutions for gradual improvement of your toe’s joint positioning.

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Bunion Treatment

What Is A Bunion?

A bunion is a protrusion of bone, forming at the joint connecting your big toe and foot. The bump is primarily caused by the bone of the big toe deviating outwards. This outward extension contributes to a wider foot, making it extremely difficult to find a comfortable pair of shoes. Over time, with bunions, your toe may no longer function correctly, making walking, running, jumping and moving extremely painful as each step puts more pressure on the joint.

Some people are genetically predisposed towards a bunion, and may have flattened arches and/or hypermobile foot structure that can promote the development of bunions. Those that frequently wear narrow footwear may also develop bunions. Finally, if you have a history of joint trauma, this can also lead to bunions.

Your Bunion Treatment Podiatrist

The Pinnacle Sports Podiatry team have the training to evaluate your unique foot structure and deliver the best bunion treatment Sydney has to offer. We provide tried and tested treatment solutions that will provide short term relief and long-term management. This includes foot padding and strapping techniques, bunion splints and custom orthotic prescriptions. We can also help you determine the best ways to manage bunion inflammation and provide guidance on what to do if you require surgical treatment with an orthopaedic surgeon for your bunion treatment.

If you’re after effective, reliable and professional bunion treatment from our podiatrists in Caringbah or North Sydney, look no further than the experts at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry. Participating in ongoing, regular podiatry education to better our knowledge and understanding of effective bunion treatment, we bring you the current solutions and most up-to-date technology to effectively relieve your lower limb concerns.