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Leading Podiatrist Footwear Advice Sydney

The best podiatrist footwear advice Sydney has to offer can be found with the experts at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry. Our qualified and experienced podiatrists offer holistic and evidence based footwear advice. Weather its casual, work or sports specific, we have your footwear needs covered. We aim to bust common footwear myths and demystify stigma associated with podiatrist approved shoes.

For the runners and shoe geeks out there (like us!), our senior podiatrist Tom Do Canto is the co-host of a monthly podcast called “Shoe Geeks” delivered via Australia’s no.1 running podcast, Inside Running Podcast.

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Expert Podiatrist Footwear Advice

The right footwear can have a significant role to play in foot and lower limb comfort, and injury prevention. Whether you’re working through an injury or chronic pain, or you’re just looking for way to minimise injury risk, it’s important to seek expert podiatrist-driven footwear advice to ensure you’re investing in the right shoes.

For our runner patients at Pinnacle, we embrace the importance of working with local running specialty retail stores to help find the right shoe, that’s fit for purpose. We will rarely recommend a very narrow selection of models, but provide guidelines around footwear characteristics that may be helpful for your current or previous injury history, and some example models to get you started.

Podiatrist Approved Shoes for Sport and Running

As a sports podiatry clinic, we take footwear seriously here at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry. Our podiatrists at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry in Caringbah and North Sydney all run or play various sports and have an affinity for knowing what’s happening in the footwear space, you could call us shoe geeks! Shoes are that direct filter between us and the ground and have the ability to affect both injury risk and performance.

Shoes also have the ability to enhance our perceived comfort and enjoyment whilst running or playing sport. Any runner that is doing some of their running in the newer “super shoes” with thick, resilient and lightweight foams, will know what I’m talking about when I say running shoes have the ability to make running more fun, and effortless. “Podiatry approved” footwear is vast and person specific, often the recommendation is made based off your injury history and knowledge around what footwear features can help get you back running sooner, with less pain.

Whether you’re a distance runner, footballer or a tennis player, choosing the right shoe matters.To find the perfect fit, consider consulting a reputable podiatrist near you like Pinnacle who can provide expert advice and guidance on selecting the best footwear.

Podiatrist Footwear Advice Sydney

Why Should I Consult a Podiatrist for Footwear advice?

Wearing the wrong shoes is rarely the only reason you picked up an injury, but wearing the wrong shoes can easily contribute to a new niggle or injury. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort and are unsure of the link between your pain and footwear, we can help. Here at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry, we specialise in analysing each patient’s unique requirements to determine the best choice of footwear for their feet. We’re experts at helping runners, and other types of sporting athletes determine and identify any footwear concerns that could be holding them back from their best performance.

We will often include a footwear assessment dynamically within a biomechanical assessment or gait analysis. Assessing shoes while used during their indented purpose is often key to identifying any issues with footwear.


Why Wear Podiatrist Approved Shoes?

Podiatrists are leading health care professionals that specialise in evaluating, diagnosing and treating lower limb and foot problems. As a result, we’re able to determine your feet’s needs when it comes to choosing the right footwear. Consulting with a podiatrist for podiatrist approved shoes means having a medical professional understand your medical concerns and provide recommendations on the best shoes for your unique set of circumstances.

Consulting your podiatrist before purchasing new shoes can help to prevent problems caused by poor footwear choices. Say goodbye to foot pain, nasty blisters, avoidable injuries, and general discomfort when you consult with the experts at Pinnacle!

Do Pinnacle Offer General Podiatry Services?

Yes. While we specialise in sports podiatry and treating running-related injury, we also provide general podiatry services for all Sydney patients. Pinnacle offer personalised, comprehensive foot care to treat a wide range of lower limb problems. From ingrown toenail treatments to orthotic fittings, diabetic foot check-ups, biomechanical assessment, dry needling, exercise physiology and prolotherapy, Pinnacle cover all facets of sports and general podiatry in Sydney.

What Kind of Shoes Can You Advise On?

Specialising in running-related injuries, we provide leading podiatrist footwear advice on running shoes and running orthotics here at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry. However, we can also help and advise on casual and work shoes too!

We can recommend footwear on work, dress or casual occasion shoes to align with your foot type of orthotic prescription. We believe that the same principles for choosing the right footwear should go across the board and commonly work with our patients to advise the best footwear for everyday wear.

Considerations When Choosing the Right Footwear:

There is no one perfect shoe as feet come in many lengths, shapes and widths, as well as varying function and stability. There are several considerations to make when choosing the right footwear for you. When advising our patients on the right footwear, we tend to recommend footwear that:

• Optimises comfort while wearing
• Fits suitably and accommodates any unique foot shape or structure.
• Helps reduce load or pressure to any areas that are currently painful

The main factors to consider include:

• Support and lock-down– it’s important that your feet are secure and stable in the shoe without the need to lace too tight to compensate for poor fit or function.
• Materials – depending on the activity, footwear materials should be sturdy, breathable and comfortable to wear.
• Shape – the wrong shoe shape can cause all sorts of problems. A wide toe box can decrease the risk of injuries or discomfort at the forefoot, arch and heel.

Book an appointment with the experts at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry for leading podiatrist footwear advice. Once we get a better idea of your feet and lower limb concerns, we can determine which shoes will be the most suitable for your feet.