So you have plantar fasciitis? What you wear when you aren’t in your runners or work shoes can also make a huge difference to reducing pain and improving function!
I’ve been recommending these thongs, sandals and slides for many of my patients with plantar fasciitis, plantar fat pad inflammation, calcaneal bursitis, sesamoiditis, metatarsalgia and other related issues.
Below are some good options; do some googling and find where you can go try some on!

Lightfeet and Archies thongs – These are the Havaiana of arch support thongs – get support on a budget, without looking like you have a support thong. Great for those with a moderate to high arch height. If you have very flat feet, maybe try on a Birkenstock instead. 

FitFlop – Very well cushioned with a small contoured built-in arch support. These are probably my favourite all round ‘go to’ thong for those with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon issues.

Crocs – Yes, the look of these may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for fat pad inflammation (which can be mistaken for plantar fasciitis), they can work wonders due to the high level of cushioning provided.

Oofos – These are like walking on clouds. If you want to protect your heel from the contact pain that’s so typically dreaded by those suffering with plantar fasciitis, then these you will love. They offer some subtle arch support and a unique rockered mid-sole that makes you feel like your heel and forefoot are unweighted when standing in them.
Hoka slides – The brand Hoka is synonymous with maximal cushioning and as you’d expect, these slides bring plenty. With a subtle amount of arch support and a meta-rocker design these are well cushioned but also inherently stable due to the large ground contact area of the sole.
Birkenstock – These German made thongs/sandals have been around for a very long time! They provide an effective contoured ‘foot bed’, as the Germans call it. They are suited to those with very low arches and heavier body weights. They provide a high level of stability but not as much cushion as some of the others on this list. They come in traditional cork and suede, cork with a cushion layer and newer fully rubberised models.
For those in Sydney, Pace Athletic sell Oofos and Hoka Slides – these are the ones I’m recommending most often for my injured runner patients.
When looking for new shoes, it’s crucial to prioritise your subjective feeling of comfort and pain reduction with the best podiatrist in Sydney in mind. So make sure to spend plenty of time in-store trying them on and walking around to find the perfect fit.