Sydney Swans podiatry by Pinnacle

It’s with great pleasure that we accept the privilege to work with the Sydney Swans medical team in 2022! Podiatrist Tom do Canto is consultant podiatrist to the Sydney Swans and will be providing sports podiatry services throughout the 2022-2024 seasons. Tom works privately at Pinnacle Sports Podiatry located in Surry Hills.
What does the role of the Sydney Swans podiatrist look like?
Injury prevention (and catching niggles early) is key – this is where pre-season screening becomes a useful tool for our Sydney Swans podiatrist. As well as player screenings, we perform injury/boot/orthotic assessments for the team throughout the season at our North Sydney Podiatry clinic.
Prior to the season starting, we do a “pre-season screening”.
Key things we assess include:
  • Current or recent foot, ankle or lower leg injury
  • Boot and running shoe fit and function
  • Casual footwear fit and function
  • In-shoe devices such as foot orthotics and heel lifts
  • Gait analysis to assess foot function and interaction with footwear

Recommendations will be provided to each player and team physiotherapists based on player screenings. In instances where there’s a current injury/niggle, or a in-shoe device that needs modification or changing, we schedule a follow-up consultation.

As the 2023 season rolls along, we will see players at our Surry Hills podiatry clinic.

Lets hope they stay healthy for a big 2023!

AFL podiatry screenings and sports podiatry consultations

Want the same level of sports podiatry as the Sydney Swans? No problem; our podiatrists are happy to coordinate club screenings on-site and individual consultations from our North Sydney podiatry clinic, as well as our newly established Caringbah podiatry clinic. No mater the level of footy, we are here for anyone that wants a podiatrist that understands the demands of AFL and how best to manage foot and ankle injury, and footwear optimisation.

For those that are not Sydney based, or would prefer a more convenient option, we offer telehealth sports podiatry.

Get in touch via to arrange a team screening for your club, or book online for individual consultations.

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