OOFOS recovery thongs and slides.

These are not a new kid on the block – OOFOS have been around for years, but in the past 12 months I’ve noticed a surge in popularity and I don’t think it’s to do with how they look, but rather how they feel. People that were once put off by the thickness of the sole are now embracing it, much like they’re embracing maximalist type running shoes. Bottom line is, they feel comfy, very comfy.
What makes OOFOS different?
  1. The Foam: they’re made from a one-piece foam material that’s uniquely soft and deflective of high pressure areas.
  2. The construction: they’re the luxury SUV of the thong/slide world – they pack in a whole lot of cushioning underfoot and are uniquely rockered to take pressure off the heel and forefoot.
  3. The foot-bed: they have an in-built arch support system that supports the arch while helping to offload the heel and forefoot.
Personally, I like them as a post run recovery tool, especially after a hard workout or long run where the feet are a little beat up and achy.
As a sports podiatrist treating foot and ankle injuries daily, I find myself recommending them as a tool to help recover from injuries or recurring niggles such as plantar fasciitis, intrinsic muscle overload and various forefoot injuries.
If you’re in need of podiatrist services in Sydney, it’s important to know that not all shoes are suitable for everyone. Like any other footwear, I recommend people try them on first to see how they fit and feel before adding them to their shoe rotation this summer.
Disclaimer: I write this blog with no conflict of interest, I get no product or monetary kickbacks from OOFOS or anyone else for writing this content.

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