At Pinnacle Sports Podiatry we pride ourselves on providing high quality, good value care. Our consultation fees are primarily based on time; We allow 60 mins for initial consultations so that we can fully understand your goals, diagnosis, causative factors and provide treatment options to get you back moving, pain free, as soon as possible. When booking an appointment at Pinnacle, you can expect consultation with a podiatrist that has a minimum of 10 years of clinical experience working in the field of sports & exercise podiatry.

When it comes to foot orthotics, we only stock medical grade prefabricated orthotics, and work with the most well regarded labs in Australia to help us manufacture our fully custom foot orthotics. We use Queensland Orthotic Laboratory or Footwork Podiatric Laboratory to manufacture our bespoke devices.

All of our fees, and available rebate and payment options can be viewed below.